Revised Rezoning Submission

Revised Rezoning Submission

Since our original July 8, 2015 submission Westbank facilitated two design charrettes with City staff, participated in City-led public open houses on the Proposal and on the Four Corners study, maintained a continual public presence at Markham House as a dynamic public information and engagement centre, and actively engaged with the public through a series of community-driven events.

Thank you for your feedback!

In response to what we’ve heard we are proposing additional changes to our existing design:

These changes will compliment the revisions of our May 2016 submission which included:

The revised proposal, submitted in January 2017, maintains the defining features of the original proposal including the range of building types and use of the micro-towers, the diverse retail strategy including the Mirvish Village Market, extensive public realm improvements focused on Markham and coordinated across the site, and the provision of 100% purpose built rental housing in a variety of unit sizes & types.”