Bloor Elevation


Since our original July 8, 2015 submission Westbank facilitated two design charrettes with City staff, participated in City-led public open houses on the Proposal and on the Four Corners study, maintained a continual public presence at Markham House as a dynamic public information and engagement centre, and actively engaged with the public through a series of community-driven events.

Thank you for your feedback!

In response to what we’ve heard we are proposing additional changes to our existing design:

  • Consolidating all parking and loading functions in a shared below-grade facility;

  • Expanding the on-site park, and introducing south-facing retail to activate this space;

  • Extending a pedestrian service tunnel beneath Markham to connect the new building on the West Property to the new shared loading area on the East Property;

  • Retaining heritage properties at 742 and 744 Bathurst;

  • In situ retention of the heritage house forms on the east side of Markham; and

  • Reducing overall tower heights and base building massing.

These changes will compliment the revisions of our May 2016 submission which included:

  • Provision of a new on-site park on the west side of Markham;
  • Conservation of additional heritage properties, including 591 Markham, 600–602 Markham, 585 Bloor, and 738–740 Bathurst;
  • Retaining Honest Ed’s Alley at its existing configuration in addition to the proposed new private east/west drive;
  • An overall reduction of tower heights; and
  • Overall reduction of streetwall and base building heights.

The revised proposal, submitted in January 2017, maintains the defining features of the original proposal including the range of building types and use of the micro-towers, the diverse retail strategy including the Mirvish Village Market, extensive public realm improvements focused on Markham and coordinated across the site, and the provision of 100% purpose built rental housing in a variety of unit sizes & types.”




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