The Lauren – Westbank Corp.

Revised Proposal:
100% Purpose Built Rental Housing
For A Diverse Community

Housing for Families

“This is authentic city building with much needed rental housing, meaningful local retail and heritage conservation. Mirvish Village will set the bar higher for the benefit of all citizens.”

– Gregory Henriquez, Henriquez Partners Architects


Mirvish Village will continue to provide 100% purpose built rental, with over 800 new residential units. A diverse mix of unit types and sizes will be maintained, with more than 40% of all units providing two and three bedrooms, in order to provide a large number of units suitable for families with children downtown.

Mirvish Village will provide a much-needed daycare to support families living on site and within the broader community. The daycare facility will be located behind the existing heritage buildings at 588 to 594 Markham Street. The location provides access to the community and a better direct connection to the outdoor play area. The southwest facing play area will provide exposure to the outdoors and natural light. Covered sections of the play area will protect children from overexposure to the elements of sun, wind, and rain.