Borough Market, London – Photo unknown

Revised Proposal:
Mirvish Village Market - The Hearth & Soul

Market and Retail

Mirvish Village Market

A new Mirvish Village Market will recall the rich history of Mirvish Village as a neighbourhood gathering space and create a vibrant and vital center for activity. The Market will offer a culinary experience reflective of Toronto’s ethnic diversity and will draw from the rich resources of Southern Ontario’s craft food producers. With approximately 25,000 ft², the market will accommodate over 30 permanent vendors and over 40 temporary stalls. The soaring market roof will act as a warm and welcoming buffer from the elements, regardless of the season.

The Mirvish Village Market will face onto Markham Street directly across from the new on-site park allowing the activities of both spaces to spill onto Markham Street and complement each other. Towards the east, the market will face Honest Ed’s Alley with market vendors occupying the retail spaces across the alley, activating the lane and expanding the size of the market. Towards the south, the market will open onto a private driveway to a covered outdoor area, allowing market activities to spill out into the public realm at all times of the year.


A Retail Incubator: Honest Ed’s Alley

Recognizing the shortage of affordable spaces for micro-enterprises in Toronto, Honest Ed’s Alley will provide a home for local retail, micro-retail start-ups and pop-up retail experiences. Maintaining Honest Ed’s Alley in its existing location provides substantial benefits to the public realm. Honest Ed’s Alley will include approximately 8,000 ft2 of incubator space for a community of emerging retail entrepreneurs, providing a new home for a range of fledgling small businesses

Inspired by the laneways of Melbourne, the new Honest Ed’s Alley will improve the access and walkability of the site—providing a new route from Lennox to Bloor—and enhance the Mirvish Village public realm. Flexible lease terms, “right-sized” premises and shared infrastructure, in conjunction with a vibrant physical environment, will create favourable conditions for entrepreneurial success. Honest Ed’s Alley will have a brand-new central plaza featuring a commissioned public art installation, becoming a vibrant gathering space for residents, Torontonians, and tourists alike

Fine-Grained Retail


Mirvish Village will be defined by small building frontages that will enhance the individual building identities and allow for a true expression of the fine-grained retail. The numerous small storefronts at grade will be delineated by the massing of the individual buildings. The storefronts will create a highly animated pedestrian environment and complement the existing fine-grained fabric of the neighbourhood, with a diverse mix of retailers and a regular rhythm of entrances. Residential entrances will be interspersed throughout and integrated into the fine-grained pattern to provide an uninterrupted but dynamic street wall.