The Honest Ed’s Store had multiple incarnations, spanning over 60 years in business at the same location. The store grew incrementally from the corner of Bloor and Markham, as “Honest” Ed Mirvish gradually annexed the buildings to the east and south to fill most of a city block. The store became a Toronto landmark and the surrounding area became a haven for artists, housing galleries, boutiques, and restaurants, anchored by Anne Mirvish’s studio and practice.

What was it about Honest Ed’s that brought people together?

It was a place where you could buy anything and everything. People came there because it was always interesting and exciting, and welcomed visitors from around Toronto and the world. The evolution of that concept today is a public market.

One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Toronto has a great food culture exactly because of its diverse population. The public market at Mirvish Village is our way to bring back the energy of this place and create a space for the community to mix.

The core of the project, the 25,000 sf market will reinterpret the public gathering space - weaving together food, music, art and experiences with the diversity of one of the world’s most multicultural cities to build on Honest Ed’s legacy.