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Rental at
Mirvish Village

Registrations for the Affordable Rental Program at Mirvish Village are Now Closed. Contact a Leasing Representative for Future Availability.


85 Affordable
Rental Homes
Offered at 80% AMR

With funding from the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, and Government of Canada, Mirvish Village will offer a total of 85 affordable rental homes, with a range of unit types and floorplans. These homes will be scattered throughout the project and have the same design and finishes as the market rental homes.

48 homes will be allocated to local non-profit agencies to address specific demographic needs, and 37 homes will be available through this registration portal.

Mirvish Village offers studios to 3 bedrooms with a range of affordability. These homes are scattered throughout each building in the project and are of the same design and quality of finishes as the market rental homes in the project.

The amenities at Mirvish Village are inspired by themes of: Art in Context, Cinema, Music, Fashion, Literature, Sculpture, Painting, Architecture.

Each building has its own amenities available only to the building's residents and each building has a different amenity offering. Examples of amenities include: an amenity lounge/kitchen, co-working/study space, gym, a rooftop terrace and outdoor children's play area. There are also communal amenities available to all residents for example, a full floor indoor/outdoor amenity room and rooftop pool.

Creative Workspace


Creative Kitchen

Residential Rooftop Pool

Kids and Co. Daycare

House Concepts Gym

Mirvish Village Café View from Corner of Bloor and BathurstMirvish Village Café View from Corner of Bloor and Bathurst
Markham Street Heritage HousesMarkham Street Heritage Houses


Q: What is the Mirvish Village Affordable Housing Program?

A:With funding from the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, and Government of Canada, Mirvish Village will offer 85 affordable rental homes as part of an affordable housing program with the City of Toronto. Of these, 37 homes will be offered at 80% AMR rates, as part of the Mirvish Village Affordable Housing Program managed by Westbank and Peterson in partnership with the City of Toronto. The remaining 48 affordable homes will be allocated by community non-profit partners, chosen to address specific demographics and needs in this community.

Q: How much is the rent for each home available through this program?

A:The rents for the affordable housing at Mirvish Village are as follows:
Studio $1,004 / Month
1 Bedroom $1,185 / Month
2 Bedroom $1,396 / Month
3 Bedroom $1,608 / Month
*Tenants will be responsible for paying all utility costs.

Q: How are tenants for the affordable housing selected?

A:Registrants must meet the eligibility criteria listed on the registration portal. Following closure of the registration period on March 6, 2023, homes will be allocated by random selection of eligible registrants who complete a full application.

Q: What’s the maximum income I can have?

A:Income limits for each unit type will be listed on the Mirvish Village Affordable Rental Portal website. Registrant income cannot exceed 4 times the annual 2023 AMR rents.

Q: When can I apply and how?

A:The portal for expressions of interest is open January 16, 2023 to March 6, 2023 on the Mirvish Village website. Expressions of interest close at 5pm EST March 6, 2023. To register please fill out the registration form on the Affordable Rental page of the website. Registrants will be entered into a pool for random selection. If you are selected, you will be contacted for supporting documents and invited to fill out a full application.

Q: How do I know if you’ve received my registration?

A:On successful submission of your registration, your household will receive an email notification and you will be added to a list for random selection. Random selection will occur after the closing of the registration period, on March 6, 2023. If your registration is selected, at this time, you will be contacted to complete an application with supporting documents. Upon completion of your application, you will be notified about next steps (lease signing etc).

Q: When will I know if my application has been successful?

A:If randomly selected, a leasing representative will be in contact and will help you complete a full application, as needed. On completion of your full application you will be notified if your application is successful and provided details on your home and move-in date.

Q: When can I move in?

A:We anticipate move-ins to commence in 2023. Successful approved applicants will be provided with further information on their move-in dates in Spring 2023. Please note that the move-in date currently anticipated is subject to change and successful applicants will be notified of any changes to this date as needed.

Q: Who is leasing the other 48 affordable homes created by this program and how can I apply?

A:They will be allocated by community non-profit partners including: Blackhurst Cultural Centre in partnership with WoodGreen Community Housing, Community Living Toronto, Kehilla Residential Programme and Wigwamen.
Each community partner has been allocated 12 affordable rental homes for which they will provide referrals based on their individual criteria and mandates for providing affordable housing. Each community partner will also have their own application page and process.

  • Blackhurst Cultural Centre (formerly A Different Booklist Cultural Centre) in partnership with WoodGreen Community Housing

    As part of an ongoing collaboration with Blackhurst Cultural Centre (Formerly A Different Booklist Cultural Centre), Mirvish Village will provide 12 dedicated affordable rental homes for Black/African Canadian creatives, artists and cultural entrepreneurs in Toronto. In support of future artistic and cultural initiatives by Blackhurst Cultural Centre in this community, these homes will be located adjacent to the new Blackhurst Cultural Centre on Bathurst Street. Blackhurst Cultural Centre will offer entrepreneurial and artistic support services for residents and partner with Woodgreen Community Housing to manage referrals.

    Blackhurst Cultural Centre (Formerly A Different Booklist Cultural Centre (ADBCC)) has been developing and celebrating Black literature, arts and culture in Toronto since 2015 and is rooted in the 25-year history of A Different Booklist, an independent bookstore, and has since become a meeting place, and a space of ideas and Black artistic expression. It is unique in that it exists to capture, protect, share and celebrate the literature, art and culture of all the African and Caribbean Canadian communities.

    The mission and vision of Blackhurst Cultural Centre is to create a world-class model for preserving and building on the historic cultural identity of evolving neighbourhoods and to provide opportunities for Canadians and visitors to Canada to celebrate and engage in the rich cultural legacy and history of Canadians of African and Caribbean ancestry.

  • Community Living Toronto

    Community Living Toronto has been a source of support for people with an intellectual disability and their families since 1948. We offer a wide range of services including respite, person-directed planning, employment supports, residential programs, and community-based activities. We are proud to support over 4,000 individuals and their families in 80+ locations across Toronto. The “community living movement” began with families who wanted their children to live in the community, rather than institutions. Today, we continue to advocate for inclusive communities and support the rights and choices of people with an intellectual disability. Community Living Toronto aspires to create and maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, ideas and perspectives. We are committed to supporting diverse populations, attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, building and strengthening partnerships and fostering an environment free of discrimination and harassment. We believe that supporting and engaging diverse populations regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual ability, ethnicity, religion and Aboriginal heritage is integral to the services we provide to people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Kehilla Residential Programme

    Kehilla Residential Programme (Kehilla) was established in 1982 as the UJA Federation’s community housing agency. Kehilla’s mandate is to identify and champion affordable housing initiatives responsive to the needs of the Jewish community in the Greater Toronto Area. We implement this through education, awareness, project sponsorship, development consultation, and research.

    Kehilla partners with developers to access city mandated affordable housing units and integrate low-rent and inclusive housing into rental and condominium developments, and operates a Rental Assistance Program (RAP) that provides up to $300 per month to assist households to better afford their housing. Kehilla also works to initiate policy changes with government to allow for more affordable housing.

  • Wigwamen

    Founded in 1972, Wigwamen Incorporated, a non-profit and charitable organization, is Ontario’s oldest and largest urban Aboriginal housing provider. With 214 units scattered throughout the City of Toronto, a 92-unit apartment building for families and singles in Scarborough, a 60-unit apartment building in Northeast Scarborough, a 103-unit apartment complex for seniors in downtown Toronto, a 41-unit apartment building in Ottawa, a 145-unit apartment building in the Canary District of Toronto, and a 115-unit apartment building in Scarborough, Wigwamen is committed to providing decent, safe and affordable housing to thousands of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families, singles and seniors.

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